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Outpatient- Children and Adult

​​Pathways Integrated Clinical Services (ICS) provides children’s behavioral health services that are integrated into host settings such as public and private schools, primary care settings, and other community based settings.   These services include outpatient services, home and community based treatment (HCT), and Inclusive Behavioral Day Treatment.  Pathways ICS program is unique in that a clinician is on site, integrated into the natural community setting of our clients and their families and available when a client needs support.  Children and families can increase levels of care and support as needed  while maintaining the consistency in the therapeutic relationship.  ICS clinicians draw on evidence based treatment modalities while working closely with school (or other host setting) staff, clients, and families to produce the best results for all involved.  The goal of Pathways ICS is to identify and reduce the barriers clients and their families have with participating in behavioral health services while also improving our service offerings to our clients. Our clinicians are well trained and have the needed expertise to offer individual and family therapy services to the youth and families in our care. Pathways provides Integrated Counseling Services in host settings throughout the state of Maine.  Outpatient services can also be provided at any of our regional office locations. 

Adult Outpatient Therapy Services-
Pathways clinicians have the clinical expertise and skills required to offer individual, family and group therapy services to the clients we serve.  Our clinicians are prepared to meet with clients in a variety of treatment settings, from traditional office based settings to other community-based environments.  We strive to meet clients in settings that are convenient and appropriate for their needs.

School and Center-Based Behavioral Day Treatment Services

In addition to providing inclusive day treatment services within local public school settings, Pathways operates a special purpose private school with two innovative programs: Pathways Merrymeeting Center and Achieve Program.

Merrymeeting Center
Pathways Merrymeeting Center provides educational and behavioral health services to children and adolescents, in grades K-12, who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders or related developmental disabilities. Pathways Merrymeeting Center utilizes the evidence-based practices of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to promote academic, behavioral, communication, self-sufficiency, and social skills. Treatment plans are highly individualized on the basis of assessment data and family input, and emphasis generally is placed on teaching children and adolescents the functional skills required to integrate into their local communities with maximum levels of independence. The multidisciplinary team at Pathways Merrymeeting Center is comprised of Certified Special Education Teachers, Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Speech and Language Pathologists, an Occupational Therapist, a Licensed Psychologist, and 1:1 Behavioral Health Professionals/Educational Technicians.

Achieve Program
Pathways Achieve Program offers behavioral, academic, and therapeutic clinical supports to children and adolescents with mental health diagnoses. The goal of the Achieve Program is to successfully reintegrate children and adolescents into their local K-12 public schools by using proactive, evidence-based strategies that recognize the diverse range of environmental, interpersonal, and individual variables that impact behavior. Program-wide interventions designed to encourage active engagement in programming, behavioral stability, and social-emotional skill development include implementation of a point-and-level system, individual and small group therapy sessions, and regular home-school collaboration. These program components are supplemented by individualized academic and behavioral interventions that build on children’s and adolescents’ unique strengths, and services are delivered flexibly across private school, public school, and community locations. 

Pathways provides day treatment services through its three programs, Pathways Merrymeeting Center, Achieve, and Inclusive Day Treatment services.

Adult Community Integration
Pathways Community Integration Services provides adult consumers with a designated community support professional (Care Coordinator) who works collaboratively with them to identify and secure the support and treatment necessary to achieve their recovery plan goals while remaining in the community of his or her choice. Working with a strengths-based perspective, Pathways staff works with consumers to develop a team of both formal and information supports to create an individualized treatment plan which outlines the prioritized goals. In addition, Care Coordinators partner with consumers to help: promote health and well-being, facilitate transitional care, and provide referrals to community and social supports. 

​Care Coordinators bring a team of natural supports, primary care providers, and mental health providers together to work together on the unique needs of our consumers. They ensure that needs are being met and there are no gaps in services. Care Coordinators can assist with:

· Housing

· Transportation

· Vocational/Educational Supports

· Fuel Supports

· Food and Hygiene Supplies

· Connections to the Community

· Integrating Behavioral and Primary Care

· Services to Manage Mental Health Needs

· Advocacy