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Children's Targeted Case Management
Pathways provides diagnostic assessments for children who may qualify for Case Management but are in need of an assessment to determine eligibility. Care Managers help guide the course of treatment and ensure that all involved providers are working together towards common goals. Multi-systemic care includes community, neighborhood, and spiritual sources of support that are accessed by Care Managers who have knowledge of local resources. This approach to wraparound care empowers families to create a support system that is responsive to their needs. It is culturally appropriate and meets the needs of a diverse client population, integrating natural support systems with professional clinical care.

Behavioral Health Homes

Pathways Behavioral Health Home is an innovative and holistic approach to wellness and health promotion. Care Coordinators ensure that a youth’s primary care medical and dental needs are well integrated with any behavioral health services so that all providers are working together effectively and any gaps in care are addressed immediately.  Youth and families also have access to other Health Home staff at Pathways such as Peer Support Specialists and Nurse Care Managers.