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Rachael Tyler, LCSW, ACS,Director of Quality Assurance 

Rachael graduated with a BSW from Wheelock College in Boston, MA in 1994 and earned her MSW in 1997 from Barry University in Miami, FL.  She earned the Approved Clinical Supervisor credential through the University of Southern Maine.  Rachael’s social work career and experience  has included case management, outpatient therapy, family therapy,  residential treatment, community based treatment, program development and leadership.   In Florida Rachael held the positions of Transitional Housing Program Director for a community mental health agency which led her to the position of Family Centered Services and Family Preservation Program Director for a national community based treatment organization.   Her work here permitted her to move with the company which led to experience as the Aftercare Program Director for a Staff Secured Detention Facility for adolescent females in Philadelphia, PA.  Rachael’s career eventually led her to Maine where she was the Clinical Director for a residential treatment program before assuming her position at Pathways of Maine as Regional Director, then District Director and now Director of Quality of Assurance for Maine.

Alison Lynn Catey, LCSW, District Director for Western, Southern and Southwestern Regions 
Alison began her career at Pathways in 2005 as a home and community based clinician with strong clinical experience ranging from grief and loss to supporting healing within the refugee communities. It is Alison’s passion to create a healthy office culture for her employees that motivates and inspires the best clinical practice and the highest outcomes for children and families served in York and Cumberland Counties. Through Alison’s innate leadership skills, she was promoted to Regional Director succeeding her role as Clinical Supervisor, and then to District Director following the growth and expansion of the Southwestern Maine region. Alison is actively co-facilitating Pathways of Maine’s Employee Advisory Committee focusing on employee retention and is an active member of Pathways of Maine’s executive leadership team.
Stephanie Wiehn, Director of Training, Learning and Team Development
Stephanie joined the Pathways team in 2006. Her overall responsibilities are the oversight, management and implementation of employee trainings and recruitment efforts across the state of Maine. Stephanie currently is a core Foundations Trainer with exceptional skills in the areas of recruiting, hiring and orientating staff through the mission and vision of Pathways. Through her service at Pathways, Stephanie has held the previous positions of Central Maine Regional Coordinator and Central Maine Regional Office Manager adding to her growth and learning of the overall employee experience in all roles and positions across the company. She has a commitment to improving team members overall on-boarding experience as well as focusing on efforts to recruit and retain current members of the Pathways Team.
Nicole Zenga, Director of Operations
Nicole Zenga began her professional career at Pathways in May of 2002. Through her years of service, Nicole has shown an unwavering commitment to aid in the growth and success of Pathways of Maine. She initially started in the role of Therapeutic Mentor where she excelled at providing children and families with exceptional services as direct care staff. She has continued her growth through the roles of Regional Office Manager, State Administrative Coordinator, and Director of Operations and is currently the Senior Vice President of Operations for the State of Maine and Massachusetts. In her current role, Nicole provides direct oversight for all of Maine’s policies, procedures, fiscal management, administrative operations and is first line of contact for HR related matters. Certificates: Behavioral Health Professional Certification; CPR/FA Trainer Certified.
Scott Hayward, LCSW, State Director
Scott graduated with a BA degree in Psychology from the University of Maine in 1995, then graduated from the University of New England with a Master of Social Work in 2002. He received substantial training in Attachment Disorder and Structural Family Therapy. After getting an MSW, Scott worked as a clinical director in a residential treatment facility for transition age men with sexually reactive behaviors. Then he worked as a regional director in a community based non-profit that provided treatment foster care, intensive in-home supports, child welfare services, case management and other services. From there Scott moved to his current position with Pathways of Maine.

Corinne Whitling Walker, LCSW
District Director for MidCoast, Central, Achieve & Merrymeeting Centers

Corinne received her BA in Sociology and Peace Studies from the University of Maine in 2001 and her Master of Social Work from the University of Southern Maine in 2005.  Corinne worked for  Pathways in 2005 as a Therapeutic Mentor and Clinical Intern while working towards her MSW.  Following her internship, she left Pathways briefly and returned again in 2008 as a Clinical Supervisor. In 2010, Corinne was promoted to Regional Director and in 2013 to District Director, now overseeing four regions.  As a District Director, Corinne works directly with regional leadership to provide consultation, oversight and support in managing the clinical, fiscal, and developmental functioning of the region.  



Kate Hayward, LCSW, Director of Clinical Services and Program Development
Kate works out of the state office in Brunswick.  In her role, Kate collaborates with community based host settings, such as schools, medical settings, and community centers to develop and seamlessly integrate clinical services into the natural settings of individuals and families. Kate has been with Pathways since 2012.