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During our summer months, many of our regions joined together and held their annual picnics which got all of our regions competing in fun games and challenges and we saw some fun sides and learned some fun facts about everyone!

 There was even talk of a pie baking competition…..yum! As summer faded into autumn, and the smell of apples and pumpkin filled the air – so did the desire to dress up at work. A few of the regions had pumpkins carving contests, while others had chili cooking contests- and all of them were just to celebrate the season. 

 Soon all the leaves will fall off the trees and the winds will change- and we will dust off our winter coats as we gear up for yet another winter.

Before we do – let us take this month – November – to look around and see the many reasons we have to be thankful. We have the changing of the seasons, and we have the ability to smell the fresh air. We can enjoy the time with our friends and families,  we can also be thankful for a wonderful place to work. So let us change the way we see things, and be thankful. 

~Meegan Pratt, BHP Supervisor and Employee Advisory Committee Representative

Julia St. John (School-Based Clinician- Eastern Maine District)

Summer and Fall Happenings at Pathways
Summer and Fall 2016

Welcome TO PATHWAYS of Maine!!!

Formerly known as Providence of Maine...we are changing our name.  What we do is still the same!

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I’m still so pleasantly surprised and humbled to have won this award! It’s an incredible feeling to be recognized by your coworkers, and important to note that this couldn’t have been achieved without them. After a year of working with Pathways, I still find myself in awe of how heartfelt this team is capable of being, both to each other and to the children and families we serve. I’m so grateful for this, and for the opportunity to work, learn, and grow with this team every day!

Current Recipient of the December 2016 Exceptional Award

Pathways of Maine Exceptional Award

Life is Short.Work Someplace Awesome!

Life is Short. Work Someplace Awesome!
What's Happening at Pathways?
Pathway's mission is to ensure the provision of accessible, effective, high quality community-based counseling and behavioral health services as an alternative to traditional institutional care. Pathways of Maine is dedicated to ensuring that all clients have access to professional community-based care, proven treatment methods and comprehensive services planning. Pathways offers a wide variety of programs across the country that share a primary commitment to provide care that builds on our clients strengths and addresses to their unique individual needs.