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Pathways Eastern Maine region participated in The Big Dig through The Downtown Bangor Beautification Committee!  The Big Dig is the day Adopt-A-Garden adopters, volunteers, passers-by, friends, and neighbors are invited to come to downtown Bangor and help make our city bloom by helping to plant over 140 different gardens.  Pathways adopted 2 gardens!  All the credit for Pathways participation goes to Cathie Gignac, Care Coordinator and Mini-EAC Committee Member.  She organized the event and did all the gardening!  Thank you Cathie for your dedication to the team and community!.

Mama Oye Anoff-Ntow (Behavioral Health Professional- Southern Maine District)

Recipients of the Exceptional Award

Pathways of Maine Exceptional Award

​​Life is Short. Work Someplace Awesome!

Life is Short. Work Someplace Awesome!
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Pathway's mission is to ensure the provision of accessible, effective, high quality community-based counseling and behavioral health services as an alternative to traditional institutional care. Pathways of Maine is dedicated to ensuring that all clients have access to professional community-based care, proven treatment methods and comprehensive services planning. Pathways offers a wide variety of programs across the country that share a primary commitment to provide care that builds on our clients strengths and addresses to their unique individual needs. 

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